If you haven’t checked so already, take a listen to some of my beats on my Souncloud! @ soundcloud.com/xpandaprod If I’m not making visual art, I’m making sounds. 😎👍🎶 #hiphop #music #beat #soundcloud

Title: Open Sun
Finished: September 21, 2014
11x14” on bristol board.
Mix media drawing which includes Prisma colors, acrylic paint, and Micron pens.
Hope you guys like it! :D
Rest of my art: http://xpand-the-mind.deviantart.com/
What I have doodled and colored so far on my new sketchbook.  (9-17-14) 😌 #art #wip
masterloafer asked:

The beauty of a blog is that you get to share yourself everyday as much as you like. Often times its just that those of us you're sharing with are too shy to say how much we appreciate your presence.. but hey. I like seeing you on my dashboard.

Thank you for the kind message! :)

Being a guy who loves to make art and produce hip-hop beats can get lonely sometimes. I want to share my talents with a special girl someday. :)

Work in progress on this drawing. (9-14-14) 🌈 Gonna finish this before I start on my sketchbook. #art #drawing #colorful #wip
Got a new sketchbook! Gonna do a lot of artsy activities on this one! 😀👍 #art #sketchbook
Title: Planetary Spectrum. Acrylic on 12x16”. #art #artwork #painting #acrylic #colorful #space #canvas